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Mustang II spindles

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Hi, can anyone tell me if the spindles from a 6 cyl. ( 4 lug ) are the same as a v8 (5 lug ) I'm putting a Mustang II front suspension in my 66 and have the 6cyl spindles on hand.
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As far as I know, spindles should be the same. Heidts Hotrod shop carries MII spindles if you need new replacemen
Make sure the spindles are from a mustang II because MII did not originally come with 5 lug spindles
Mustang IIs were all four-lug, regardless of engine or options package.

The bolt pattern is the same as the fox-body Mustangs (with the exception of the 1984-1986 Mustang SVO and 1993 Mustang Cobra, which were 5-lug).
Thanks for the replys, I found out the spindles are the same,they only made one spindle, so the granada rotors will fit any MII spindle
which is what I want to do.
Their the same. I used the 74-78 grand torino elite spindles on mine. Plus they are easier to come by.
What front spindle do we use to switch over to 5 lug?
The spindle is not changed, only the rotor. Most Street Rod vendors sell a 5-lug rotor that is the same diameter as the MII rotor and fits with our spindle and brake caliper. Easy fix! Now the rear is a little tougher...

There are also a number of 5-lug brake pakages that use larger diameter rotors and multi-piston calipers. These require new brake calipers and adapters. These run anywhere from $300 to $3000 depending on what diameter rotor and how many pistons you want in the caliper.

The low end uses small GM metric calipers, custom caliper mounts and early Granada 5-lug rotors. The middle uses 4-piston Corvette calipers, and the higher end uses Brembo or Alcan 6-piston calipers with custom hubs and 13" rotors.

Check any Street Rod vendor (Heidts, TCI, etc.) or aftermarket brake vendor (Baer Racing, Wilwood, etc.) for prices.

How fa$t do you need to $top? :laugh:
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