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Mustang in Areas of Winter and Snow

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Ok now to repeat my threads but here goes
Right now i just drive a Toyota. Sedan. However recently got a chance to drive a rental 2014 Mustang the V6 and loved it
now thinking of perhaps getting one.
Ok this question I have is how is the mustang driving in winter climates.
I live up in Ontario Canada, we get tonnes of snow here, and lots of cold- -
at times -30C or -22F to get a idea.
Icy roads and lots of snow, like waist deep snow even

our roads are plowed , salt and sanded

So questions, on anyone who drives a mustang in winter, does it handle ok? like with rear wheel drive? if one takes care, would they be ok? as i see the mustang does have good clearance for a sports car, not low to ground like others,
so would it handle ok in winter driving as a daily driver?
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Put some winter tires on it and you will be fine. With ABS and TCS standard now days id rather drive a V6 mustang in the snow than my '99 ranger with no ABS or TCS.
Haven't tried my '14 GT in the snow, and doubt that I will since I still have my old SN95. I put a set of Bridgestone Blizzak's on the rear and 60 lbs. of sand in the trunk along with a shovel for "just in case" and it works just fine. Open diff too. I am older than most on this site so I have traction control in my right foot. Stability control is in my butt.
I have a 2014 Gt 5.0 mustang and I used snow tires on all 4 wheelsall around and it workek good in il. But I dodnt drive it in the winter now because I have summer tires.So now I have 4 snow tires and new rims that only have about 700 miles on them.
This is my third winter for my 2013 Mustang.The car drives like tank through snow -BUT only when you have four snow tires on it. Don't bother with all seasons in a snow area.
I have summer only tires on their own rims and winter tires on the stock rims. The tires need to match the road conditions. If you are going to use studded tires make sure they are put on when new. I don't have studs, but they may be better on icy roads.
I don't live that far from you, so your winters are like mine- way too long.
I have been pleasently surprised on how well the Mustang performs in snow with its BLIZZAK winter tires, and sand in the trunk.
I also own an Expedition which I use on day one of a snwo, but the Stang is OK once the plows do their job.
I had ALOT of trouble last winter - I only drive on weekends and could not get out of parking spots... even if I pushed the car out it would not drive in snow at all on all season new tires. I was thinking of picking up some tire chains on Amazon. Do you think those will work?
I drove our 2011 GT through 2 Alberta winters. Blizzaks on all 4 corners and some bags of gravel in the wheel holder in the trunk and It went almost anywhere. Like a little KONA blue tank.
I have a 90 mile round trip commute and drove my 2006, with a supercharger, every day in SE Michigan. The only reason I don't drive the 2013 every day is because my wife suggested I get a commuter car to hold the miles down on the new one (had 203,000 miles on the old one when I sold it in June 2012 and ordered the new car).

Never had any problems with it, was never stuck, and didn't add any weight to the car. I didn't even get around to putting snow tires on it and ran on the all season Pirelli tires.

RWD isn't hard to drive in the winter; in fact I find it easier in many situations. When I got my license in 1969 there weren't many FWD cars, and the only AWD to speak of was the Jeep. We sure didn't sit home all winter or break out the horse and sleigh - we drove the RWD car everywhere.
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Whatever...I blew one of the factory summer Pirelli P Zeros last year and all I had around to roll on in the snow last year for a week while new tires were ordered were...drag slicks. Surprisingly, it wasn't that big of a deal, even on the slushy white pig snot that passes for snow out here.
I had ALOT of trouble last winter - I only drive on weekends and could not get out of parking spots... even if I pushed the car out it would not drive in snow at all on all season new tires. I was thinking of picking up some tire chains on Amazon. Do you think those will work?
"tire chains"

Some of you are driving with all seasons in the snow. Looks like you have a death wish. I barely made it 2 miles in 2 inches of snow to get my snow tires put on. Had to drive with my hazard lights on.
Hello again, wt3.

I live between Rochester and Syracuse, NY. We get plenty of cold and snow each winter at this location; not as bad as Buffalo or the Tug Hill, however.

The V6 Mustang has done well in snow, slush and salt ever since I put a set of four Bridgestone Blizzaks on the car. Rather than match the 18" rims and just put a pair of snows on the back, a forum poster recommended I buy a set of four 17" rims with dedicated winter tires on them. They had the Blizzaks mounted on 17" rims on special at Tire Rack at the time for about $1000 for the set (think there was some additional for the TPMS sensors), so I broke down and ordered a set.

This turned out to be the best thing I could've done. The handling & traction on snow is better than I'd hoped and much better than the stock Pirellis. Not only that, but the lighter and narrower Blizzaks gave very good gas mileage in warm weather. I have considered leaving them on year round.

There's only one problem with driving the Mustang in winter: you'll hate seeing it covered with salt.
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I've had three different mustangs for three different winters, with my v6's I was fine with just sand in the trunk but with my gt I had to get snow tires and the difference is night and day. Two 70lb sand bags in the trunk and good snow tires and you should have no issues if you drive sensible.

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