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Mustang lover in need of help !

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Hello to all in the mustang community. I am new to this site and i have heard very good things about it. I hope to gain lots of information on enhancing the performance of my mustang as well as learn more about my car's capabilities. I am in need of help on processes that i should take to take my car to the next level in performance. It is completely stock and i am starting from scratch on modifications. If u have input please feel free to leave a message . I could use it.

>2001 ford mustang 3.8 v automatic ( completely stock !) HELP PLEASE
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Just by browsing around the site you can learn a lot on what people have done to their cars. For starters get some gears, thats your best bang for the buck. Cold air intake, plenum, programmer and full catback exhust are some other things u could do.
Welcome to AFM and enjoy your stay.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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