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Mustang Mach 1 2005+ V6?

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I was at Sonic the other day and here comes a newer-generation mustang in with Mach 1 written on the side. It didn't have the GT emblem, or grille, and looked like a stock V6 except the Mach 1 written on it. I have never seen a newer generation Mach 1 mustang and haven't heard them mentioned on here or by anyone else, and was wondering if they made them?
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No they dont have a s197 mach 1. And if they did, it would be a V8 with the shaker hood. All you saw was a mach wannabe. lol You would think he would have more than jsut the stickers? Like the shaker hood, wheels, and the black spoiler.
hey ,,each of us has a blank canvas with our mustang to do with how we please. If the person wants or likes the Mach 1,,for whatever reason,,,thats cool. we are all wannabes in in some way or the other,,thats why we upgrade our 6 ers ,,to make it what we Wany it to be,,,right??
myltpny is making his car to look similar to a mach one. I have also seen others go all out with a shakker hood, black trunk lid, black spoiler and such. some nice looking ones.
True ya can do w/e ya want with your stang, everyone has their own opinions and taste to what looks good. My main main point was that there arent any s197 mach 1's from the factory like the bulitt.
gota agree...we all are wannabee's in one way or another...
if we had the bucks we wud all prob have gt's or bullitts or shelbys..
what have dont matter...the bottom line is we all got ponies and we all love the hell outta dont hurt to do what we want with them...the guys that ***** the most usually dont have one either or didnt think of the add-on ,,idea..sticker...mod..etc
hell if i cud i wud have a shelbymach1rouschbullitt v6 LOL
must my .02!:bigthumbsup
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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