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Mustang not turning on after drain battery and no lights power anywhere.

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I drove my 1989 mustang gt to work that morning with no problems, got off then i parked it a few mins later went out try to crank it and it was turning over but i guess i left something on cause i don't have it setup where the alternator will charge the battery when running but i drain the battery down and then it didn't do nothing but i heard like 2 or 3 ticking sounds. After that i thought battery was competently dead so i went and got it charge and then i put it in there and then i had no lights power anywhere and it didn't do nothing. My battery is located in the back as well. so i unplug the battery again and plug it back and i get a ticking sound seems like this ticking sound was coming from starter and every time i do that i get a tick sound but no lights or nothing still.. i guess ever since i drain the battery down and heard those two ticking sounds it cause this problem where it wont do nothing at all. only thing is does is when i unplug the battery and plug it back it makes a tick noise too the starter that's all. info on car its a 306 with a pro-charger 6speed with 650hp just bought the car bout month ago. i have bought a new solenoid but i plug it up and still same also i check the fuses on drivers side and all look too be good what could be the problem?
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If the start relay is just clicking, that's usually an indication of a weak battery. How did you charge it? Have your tested it with a multimeter? And if so, have you load tested it with a carbon pile?

Every week, at least a couple of times a week, I see baterries at my mine site that take a charge, show 12 V or more, but fail the load test (draw is 5V or more), which means the drain damaged the battery internals.

If you don't have a multi meter, your cheapest bet would be to pick one up, test your start relay and the starter circuit, if as you say all your fuses are fine.

Also, as an afterthought, if you have a gel cel battery, they often need to be replaced when they're sucked dry. I've had to do it on my car when I left my manual fan on all night. The thing would only take 11.5Vs, and would not hold up under load :(
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i took it too auto zone and they charge it and tested it.
IF the battery is good after load testing it as you said, then the problem may be a ground connection issue with the battery being in the rear.Do you have a negative cable from battery up to engine compartment? If not,try connecting a battery jumper cable from battery negative up to a good clean metal point on engine and see if it cranks.This will tell you if it is a ground issue.
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