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Taking brand wars to a new level...

Police in DeKalb County, Georgia are searching for a man in a black Mustang who opened fire on a yellow C6 Corvette in a road rage incident on U.S. 78 Monday Afternoon (October 12th).

So the story goes 44 year-old Angela Christiano was cruising along in the middle lane with her 25 year old son in the passenger seat when a black Mustang closed up on her from behind, quickly. The Mustang began following closely enough that she motioned him to pass. That's when things got a bit Playstation. Instead of passing he pulled up alongside and opened fire several times Grand Theft Auto style, hitting Christiano in the upper back. She lost control veering onto the grassy shoulder.

Christiano is currently hospitalized in critical but stable condition at the Atlanta Medical Center.

The black Mustang escaped without a single witness grabbing the plate numbers. It's believed the driver exited at Mountain Industrial Boulevard and according to WSB Radio  DeKalb County Police are checking with local businesses along the route for any surveillance footage that may have captured the incident.

(We’re) hoping we can get some type of video footage of what we’re looking for and possibly a better description of the driver,” said Major Steve Fore of the DeKalb County Police to WSB.

There is little known about the suspect or his vehicle, the Major saying it's believed the man is Hispanic and that his Mustang is "newer."

Police in DeKlab would appreciate anyone with information coming forward or letting them know if you see a Hispanic man in a newer black Mustang behaving like an *******.


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