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My car is finally at a spot where im highly satisfied with it (destroyed an audi tt 3.2 this morning on i-45..poor sap never heard the procharger) im now getting rid of all the crap i have lying around

(i know this is not the place for this thread but im sure people need stuff and im just trying to gain an audience)

1. Stock Throttle body - I've got a bbk 70mm..dont need this anymore (100 dollars plus shipping)
2. BBK CAI - Dont need it..not that many miles on custom tune needed however for me it was quite a good addition (125 plus shipping)
3. Stock injectors - switched to 42lbs beasts..dont need them (45 dollars plus shipping)
4 Stock cold air intake - make me an offer..its in awesome condition i have no use for it
5. indoor leds - multicolor...i dont know why i bought this but hey if you want them..50 plus shipping...

so if anyone is looking for this stuff or any other let me know...i want the stuff gone cause my garage is already full of S*** from 4 different cars

im also looking for a gt front grill with fog lights...if you have one...let me know...i'll take it off ur hands
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