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Mustang Rad Fan and Pigtail Wires Melted

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A month ago I had cooling problems to find that the cooling fan was not coming on at all. Upon further inspection I found the terminal on the fan motor was melted out pretty bad. I replaced it and the cooling problems continued, but not nearly as bad because the fan was working again. I also noticed that when the cooling fan would kick on, it would drawl an enormous amount of power as I would notice the volt meter from from the M in normal to the O and then climb back up.
It seemed as though the high speed speed fan would come on at times, but not other times. Sometime the car would run hot now, and other times not.

I just noticed today that the 3 pigtail wires to the connector that connects to the fan motor look melted badly. I mean melted. Is this a normal problem?
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No Sir. It's not normal. How are your wires set up? From power to ground etc, what goes where? In other words, how are your wires running? How long has it been set up? Where is your fuse?
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