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Mustang ride on longer trips?

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I am considering purchasing an 06 Mustang with a manual transmission and Pony Package in the near future. My wife isn't convinced that this car is a comfortable ride on a longer trip.

Can you give me your opinion on how comfortable this car is on a day trip, say 3-4 hours or longer? I need your honest opinion on this one.

I owned a 68 Mustang in high school (30+ years ago) and as I remember, they didn't have the best ride then; and I know from a few short test drives that the 05/06s are light years ahead of the early models in many ways.

This new Mustang jumps out at me and says 'Hey, with the right music in the CD player, you can relive some of those days when you were 17.' I realize now that I didn't appreciate the car that I had back then. Please excuse my reminiscing, but I know I am in the company of a number of 40+ year old members on this forum and I share the good memories of the first Mustangs as they do.

Again, I'd really appreciate hearing about your experiences with this car on longer road trips. Thanks
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Longest trip I've been on is around 6 hours one way. To be perfectly honest with you the ride isn't as good as say a van or SUV but it's certainly no worse then any other car or small truck I've driven for that distance. I don't hesitatae to drive it for a full day, it's not too bad. I wouldn't want to be anyplace other than the drivers seat though. The passengers seat sits down too far and obviously there's no room in the back.
I have driven mine from Dallas to Kansas City a couple of times and was actually quite surprised at how comfortable it was. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a towncar, but I certainly didnt feel like I had made the trip in a sports car either.
I think she would be impressed with the ride. Especially on the V6. 20 hour road trip to virginia and back was great in the rental we had. My GT hasnt taken my farther than 45 minutes away yet. But still a nice ride for a performance car.
Drove 300+ miles one day. Driver seat is fine w/6 way power adjust, but I would not want to be the passenger. Fun car to drive,good tunes in CD changer make it even better.
I have driven my GT on several road trips, each about 3-5 hours one way, and it was great. Just the other day I drove 6 hours round trip in one day, and the best part of the trip was driving the Mustang! I have also taken my whole family of 4 (2 teens and the wife) in the car for several multi-hour trips, and they think it's fun.

Later in the summer I think I will have to go from Seattle to Palm Springs for work, and I am planning on driving the Stang down the Pacific Coast Highway. That should tell you something about long trips!
We took a week long trip going up the west coast highway1 in an 05 V6 conv.
On mountain roads in an unfamiliar car, there were no problems. Totally comfortable. A driving dream vacation.
That's when I decided to get a Mustang.
Last summer, with my wife, we went down to Orlando FL (from MA) and back. The longest stretch was when we were coming back and my wife wanted me to get asap to home: I drove 22 hours straight (from Knoxville Tennessee, where we had stopped the night before, to Braintree MA. We stopped quite a few times for her darn bathroom breaks and also half an hour in Lancaster PA, to dine in "Amishlandia", but no one had told us that every restaurant there closes at 8 there at kiddin'...).
Well...I must admit that I was surprised the Stang was so comfortable, I didn't think it would have been that good being so sporty and all, but indeed it was all fine and dandy.
One more thing: my back is a total disaster, I broke several bones in a couple of occasions in the past and I gotta be very careful ALL the time.
Well, for this MA-FL-back-to-MA trip, all was fine as well, no problem whatsoever. So if I could do it and have no problems, rest assured that a long trip in a Mustang it's not only feasible, but pretty pleasurable.
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funny you should ask...

about an hour-and-a-half ago I got home from a 3 1/2 hour - 260 mile drive from Vegas. There werea couple of spots on the crappy 15 where it got a bit jarring, but they were short lived and. I actually feel safer in this car on long trips - I cannot dooze off because the car is too comfortable. I actually had trouble with that in long drives in my old Taurus because it was so comfortable, smooth, and quiet - the Mustang keeps talking to me I fortunately I had pretty much wide open road going there and then back tonight.

As a few others have already said - yeah, it's certainly not a luxury ride, but the car holds the road, and has good weight to it. I found it quite pleasurable. Of course going to Vegas may have had something to do with it. :winks

Almost did get nailed by one CHP but fortunately I had sped up just to get around another car and then slowed back down just as he was pulling up to me. - whew!!! :rolleyes:
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this is by far the most comfortable mustang ever...and roomiest...honestly i could drive it all day...might go from the east coast to the west soon...i mean sometimes i just shut off the radio and listen to the exhaust...its too much fun...and i think you'll find that most long trips are too short:winks
nghtrnnr said:
sometimes i just shut off the radio and listen to the exhaust...its too much fun...:winks
Man, I did that a lot on this trip - especially when cruising the strip.:cool:
I've driven 8 hours straight a few times. Comfort-wise it's not so bad. The exhaust note kinda gets to me after a few hours. The 6 cd/mp3 player helps. Plus I can pull out and pass where I wouldn't even consider it in my winter car. :smoke:
I concur with the GT owners who replied to this thread. Me and my wife take 1.5 hour drives one way almost every weekend. she never complains about the ride from the passenger seat. I have driven the 04 Accord and it is just as bumpy and the seats are just as stiff as the 05 Mustang.

the V6 will be a softer ride. the tires aren't as low profile and that makes it more comfy. the suspension is a bit softer...more comfy.
Driving from Tampa to New Orleans is great in the Mustang, more comfortable than my decked out F150 was, and I loved that ride........640 mile trip, takes about 9 hours (yeah, I speed a little:winks )
I would have to agree. My wife and I took our GT vert to Fla. last summer. 2000 miles in one week. The ride was better than I expected for a sports car. The only bad part of the drive was we had to pull over a few times and put the top up because it would start raining.
This isn't quite the same, but before I got my Stang I was commuting in my 99 Saturn. I'm pretty tall so it was terrible sometimes. My commute often was over two hours and I found myself to be completely cramped (not suprisingly in that small car). With my new Stang I feel like I could drive all day and still love it. The bumper to bumper/stop/go gridlocked slow going doesn't even start to bug me. I feel like I drive in luxury and drive like a king!

Actually, I think the seats in my GT are some of the most comfortable I've ever been in. My wife and I took a 4-1/2 hour trip and even with her bad back she was fine. As for the ride, I haven't owned a car in about 20 years. I've driven a pickup, so I see nothing out of the oridinary with the ride.:winks
The wife and I recently drove from Wichita, KS to Oklahoma City, OK. in our 2006 Mustang GT. It took us a little over 5 hours round trip. I got into a nasty motorcycle accident when I was 24 yrs old and screwed up my back real nice. If the car isn't comfortable my back will start complaining and hurting. I don't have any complaints at all ... in fact it was a very comfortable ride both ways.

My wifes 9 yr old complained about the lack of room in the rear seat but that's it.
I comute 100 miles each way to work daily in my new Mustang GT with a man trans, I think its a very comfortable car It make my comute more fun. But seriously, the seats are great and the car is so solid no squeaks or rattles, the ride is firm but not harsh.

GREAT CAR!:eyepoppin
I drive an hour to get to work, and have to say the ride is pretty darn good. Granted, this is not a Town car, but I think they are too mushy on the road. The longest we have driven has been 6 hours, and the ride was great. When my wife slipped 3 disks in her back, I lost my car for a few weeks, and she had no problems with the ride. If you are anywhere near 6 feet tall (or taller), this is one of the few cars out there.
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