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Mustang Roundup June 10 Pictures!

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Better weather last night for sure, had 30+cars out to prove it. Got in some nice runs in and around town too; a few pics...


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Thanks Bill for posting these awesome pictures!

Originally posted by Seahorse: Got in some nice runs in and around town too
Bill, I agree and the nice run I will never forget :D Thanks for letting tag along with you.
Hope I didn't make you spill your drink Cathy - foot kept slipping off the clutch :D:racer:
Biggest car shine and shine in Florida

Bill. Good Job On photos.Just getting Ready to go the the Show and Shine at OLD TOWN,KISSIMME,FL.Was here last week and over 700 cars showed up.Temp.87.sunny.Will post some photos later.

Have a good Day
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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