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Mustang SVO exhaust question.

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I recently just picked up a 1986 SVO mustang. It is in good working order. I was wondering how much rear wheel horse power a full 3 inch exhaust would give me. If I port the exhaust header would that also net me more power? Thanks. I know a lot about 5 liters but not much about 2.3 turbos.
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Congrats on the purchase of some extreme fun. At least to me. TurboFord Recommended Modifications List
This may help. I ported my exhaust manifold and got a full 3" from turbo to muffler then 2 1/2" over the rearend. The elbow on the turbo is weldable if the bolts come out and don't break.
I was going to go with the Stinger performance kit. Is this a good kit? Also I was looking for a muffler that sounds good. Something like a subaru wrx. I do not want my car to sound like a ricer!
Then don't get a resonator exhaust. Typically a 4banger is gonna sound like a 4banger regaurdless. You really don't want alot of backpresure with a turbo. Try a glasspack.
Some over at are running no muffler. I am running Dynamax Ultraflow. Can see clear thru it. Maurice
You will never, repeat, never get a Ford I4 to sound like a WRX.

I recommend getting a 3" downpipe from Merkur Depot. I have heard nothing but praise about them.

After that, get your hands on a 3" Hooker Aerochamber muffler and if you need it, a CATCO 3" cat. This is a free-flowing cat that is the sister company to Flowmaster.
Go to YouTube and look for SVO with Aerochambers if you want to hear what it sounds like. I'd provide a link, but I am at work and they ban YouTube here

Then take all this to a reputable muffler place and have them fab everything else from the 3" downpipe to the rear bumper. I recommend using the band clamps for the muffler and tailpipe sections for easy removal in case something needs disassembly down the road. exhaust band clamp - Google Search

This is for a single 3" exhaust. I know the 85.5 and 86 came with dual, but a single exhaust is more than adequate.
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Couldn't agree with you more on the band clamp. Excellant. Simple easy and easy to take apart if need. Got on my car and will have them on any I do exhaust on. :bigthumbsupNavySvo. Thanks Maurice
I do not run a muffler. And i use a full 3" DP. To a 3" cat. This gives me some extra BOTTON END. Then i run a complete 2 1/2" Back over the rear and out the drivers side. It sounds as good as its going to be. The sound is basically going to be altered by the CAM you run. If the SVO is stock its not even worth installing a muffler. My car sounds real good but i have an Outrageous CAM. Bottom line turbo engines do not like BACK PREASURE. The turbo is a restriction and you do not want to add another on by running a MUFFLER. Peace Tom
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Thanks for the help. I got the stinger exhaust system minus the tail pipes. I have to have a muffler because I am in California and they frown on not having mufflers. I have the flowmaster muffler. I am thinking about just dumping it off at the muffler. I hear its a pain to route the 3 inch tail pipe over the axel. Is this a bad idea?
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Any decent muffler place should be able to do it, and it shouldn't be too expensive at all.
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