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You can follow all this process and all of my upgrades on my blog
Average Guy's Car Restoration, Mods and Racing

After removing the seat track I had to remove the seat stops.
There are two and easily removed.

Next I started removing the upholstery wire. These pliers hook inside the wire and separate them for removal.

Here are the wires removed. They can be reused if you want to straighten them out.

Mostly removed.

Part way off however one small deal to handle

Thinking I was on the down hill side with the removal of the old upholstery, I ran into……the …..tuck!!! This consisted of a wire running through a cloth sleeve and the wire is attached to the springs with the hog wire.
Top Arrow is the cloth sleeve with the wire running through it. Bottom arrow is the hog wire crimped to the springs underneath.

Basically the tuck is how they separate the bottom of the seat and the cushions edges, which with vinyl that helps keeps you backside in the seat during those high-speed maneuvers.
Ok, this was the learning seat. I was too busy learning to do too much photography so I’ll to more with the back to this seat and the next.
BUT………………………… is my very first seat bottom..completed.

More coming up soon.
Thanks for reading

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Nice write up and pictures!
Do you have more write ups for the Mustang restoration? It appears to be a lot of different car information in the blog.

Keep it up!

Good Luck and Be Safe
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