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Mustangcollective got hacked????

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Maybe a old news to some but I just found out today.
I usually check them out once in a while because there are some good people with nice write ups and infos there. But it seems their site is hacked and gone :mad: I hope this doesnt happen to this site otherwise we'll be all screwed. Im glad i didnt put too much info of me on their site.
From google looks like a guy called Nero did it, what a douche I cant believe just because he doesn't like Mustangs a great source of info would be lost for their [email protected] POS Camaros.
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Just a script kiddie.
This. There are very few people who have an in depth knowledge of netcode and programming in general to the point where they can pull these hacks off. Most of them make money with that knowledge. The most common "hackers" are just people double clicking someone else's ".exe".
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