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Mustangs Plus Grab a Trak suspension questions/Overall suspension Q's

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I did a search and found a few posts about this Mustangs Plus Grab a Trak suspension upgrade. Its seems pretty good for the price and seemed to have pretty favorable reviews on the forum. I had a few extra questions though before I order a suspension kit...

Link to the suspension kit

How does this kit compare with the more expensive NPD Street bandit kit? The street bandit kit is more expensive, as I would have to purchase the leaf springs/hardware separately.

I can add upper and lower control arms to the grab a trak suspension kit, but I dont know if I need them. How can I tell if they are necessary to replace? I know they were replaced back in 1997, the car was driven daily until 1999 or so, and then sat in a garage and driven infrequently until about a month ago, so there cant be a ton of miles on them.

For the rear springs, I can upgrade to a 4.5 leaf spring in the kit. Should I? I read that 5 is a bit too stiff, but 4.5 would be good. Will this hike the rear end up any? The kit states it will sit at stock height in the rear with a 1" drop in the front.

Just FYI, i'm currently trying to contact Opentracker for suggestions/pricing as well... Car will only be street driven with no track use...
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I bought a Grab-A-Trak kit from Mustangs Unlimited for a little bit cheaper for my 65. But with mine I upgrade to the 5 leaf, gas shocks, bigger sway bars. Mine came with a rear sway. I like the kit. The 5 leaf is quite stiff but the car really handles well, and they are really good if you have a few big guys in the car.

I really like the kit so far.
The mid-eye and reverse eye lower the car a little bit. I think the mid-eye is about 1/2" drop and the reverse eye is about 1" drop in the rear.
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