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Mustangs Plus Grab a Trak suspension questions/Overall suspension Q's

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I did a search and found a few posts about this Mustangs Plus Grab a Trak suspension upgrade. Its seems pretty good for the price and seemed to have pretty favorable reviews on the forum. I had a few extra questions though before I order a suspension kit...

Link to the suspension kit

How does this kit compare with the more expensive NPD Street bandit kit? The street bandit kit is more expensive, as I would have to purchase the leaf springs/hardware separately.

I can add upper and lower control arms to the grab a trak suspension kit, but I dont know if I need them. How can I tell if they are necessary to replace? I know they were replaced back in 1997, the car was driven daily until 1999 or so, and then sat in a garage and driven infrequently until about a month ago, so there cant be a ton of miles on them.

For the rear springs, I can upgrade to a 4.5 leaf spring in the kit. Should I? I read that 5 is a bit too stiff, but 4.5 would be good. Will this hike the rear end up any? The kit states it will sit at stock height in the rear with a 1" drop in the front.

Just FYI, i'm currently trying to contact Opentracker for suggestions/pricing as well... Car will only be street driven with no track use...
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Mustangs Unlimited probably has a similar set for a few bucks cheaper. I've had good luck on all their stuff. I think their kit has KYB shocks which are what I have and what are highly recommended. I like them, so check them out. As far as the questions, you shouldn't need to replace the arms if they were recently replaced and you are only using it for street. I put the 620 coil springs on mine and the ride height stayed the same, but the handling improve dramatically with a lot less body roll, but ride is still comfortable. 45 year old front springs softened so much that the shorter, stiffer springs didn't lower the front. If you use stiffer rear leaf spring, look at going to a mideye or reverse eye spring. I used the regular 4 leaf and it raised the rear end 2 inches, because the old ones were sagging so badly. I put lowering blocks in the rear to bring it back down. Everything is a simple bolt in and out, but the front bolt on the rear leaf springs are usually rusted in pretty good. I had to use and air hammer/chisel to wedge the bolt out. A lot of guys have to cut it out. Good Luck.
Whats the difference between the mideye or reverse eye compared to the regular spring?
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