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My 1968 Mustang will not start.

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I daily drive a 1968 Mustang, and have come across a problem. Around 2 weeks ago my car started to act up. When putting the key into the ignition and going to start it, nothing happens. I know my battery isn't acting up because it's new and my car has power. At first I thought it was my starter, but after messing around i attempted to start the car through the starter solenoid. With the help of my dad, I had him turn the car to the start position and I ran a screwdriver from the battery cable to the solenoid.
For a week or so this worked. After trying to start it last week that failed. I thought my ignition went out, so we replaced that. Still, nothing occurred and the car wouldn't start or attempt to turn over. We jumped the car assuming that it was dead. that wasn't an issue. We tried bypassing the starter using the screwdriver trick, you could hear the car trying to start but once you let off it dies. I just bought another solenoid along with a voltage regulator. On the 26th I'll try installing those and attempting to start again. If all else fails, I'll buy a new starter for the car. Any tips? My pops and I are at a standstill and need help! Thanks a bunch everyone!
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Hello mkcollard95,
FIRST - -welcome to the forums. This is a GREAT place to learn

SECOND - It is cool your dad is working with you on this. Be sure to Thank him.

THIRD - - As far as your situation, I would like to see if I can clear up a few things for you.
A. - When you "jump" the solenoid with the screwdriver you are sending current to the starter and the motor should turn over BUT not start.
B. - When you jump the solenoid - -you need the key in the on position for the motor
to actually start running.

C. - -My guess is you have gotten a BAD solenoid OR the 2 little wires are on the solenoid wrong.
If you look at the 2 small wires on say the front of the solenoid (NOT the battery ends)
you should have 2 wires. One wire is red and blue and that has to go to the S terminal
on the solenoid. The other small wire is Brown and that has to go to the "I" terminal of the solenoid.

I would check the little wires and if they are right. I would get a replacement solenoid.
Please let us know what you find from there

Print Dad
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When my car wouldn't start I replaced battery wires, solenoid, and points. Nothing fixed it until I replaced the coil! Now it works great. I believe my bad solenoid killed the coil, but I dunno if that can actually happen.
You could have multiple problems. There is a wiring diagram at the top of this forum which could prove helpful.

1: Getting the engine to crank, the starting circuit uses power from the battery to the ignition switch in the START position to the neutral safety switch (in the Park or N position if an automatic) to a connector on the firewall to the "S" terminal on the top of the solonoid. You could use a volt meter to measure down the line and see where the voltage is missing.

2: Power to the ignition coil, there are 2 conditions, the 1st is when cranking (the solonoid has to be engaged), the coil pos terminal gets battery power directly from the "I" terminal on the top of the solonoid, for the engine to run when the key is released from the Start position, the ignition switch contacts in the Run position connects to a pink wire (resistor wire in the wiring harness) to a connector on the firewall to the coil positive terminal (if the points are open the pos term will show battery voltage if the points are closed the pos term will show 7-9 volts), these can be checked without the engine running, you need to bump the starter so that you can see the difference when the points are open and closed.

Post your results. Good Luck.
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Try running a jumper cable from the POS battery terminal to the terminal on the starter. Hook up to the starter first then just touch the other end to the POS terminal. If you don't get the starter to turn over this way, I suggest you pull the starter and have it checked out at your nearby auto parts store.
I went through this recently. I kept frying solenoids and burning up cables. A new starter fixed it all up.
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