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My Color Feature

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Hey guys I have a 2005 Mustang GT and really want to install the My Color feature that the 07-09 models came with optional installed into my car. I'm not sure if it's possible or where i'd go to get the equipment and hardware needed to do that if possible. All help and advice is greatly appreciated!
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You would need the 6 gauge cluster and the setup/reset/info "memory" switch. Switch is like $47 from toulsey and I think the gauges r pretty exspensive. I would suggedt buying one of ebay for cheap. But forf will have to reprogram it with your milage. Which I thinj cost like $200.

I made this upgrade on my 2005 GT and it's very easy to do as plug & play.
You need a 2005-2006 speedometer only. 2007 and upper are not matching our cars as we do not have the TPMS option and this will gives you an error message at startup.
You won't have the issue with ABS/TCS as per V6 owners as all GT have it while it's optional on V6.
I found mine (taken from a 2006 GT) on ebay for 150$ + 125$ to reprogram it (I don't include the shipping to Europe as you are not concerned). The Info/Reset/Setup swith was also found on ebay for 30$.

20 minutes for installation and it's working fine.
There should be some parts out there for your year as mine is an '05 and has the mycolor option. I think it was part of the GT premium package or something.
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