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My crazy slap! (0verkill)

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YouTube - Fetis slap

check it out let me know what you think
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Rofl. Maybe a little overkill... But hey, it's your Stang! :bigthumbsup
no where near overkill haha. I had a buddy who had 2 kicker l7 15s in the back seat of his 2000 gt. He never got it hooked up right but that would have been a little much for daily driving. and it looked really crappy with it taking up the entire rear seat and almost touching the roof
That's not too much at all!
much louder in person is the key.... plus having the bass at +3 on the deck= underpowered. im getting a ported box today... its gona be crazy
So much for backseat drivers...

seriouslyn tho.

im porting my box very soon it will hit im guessing even louder than what it does now
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lol that isn't really much. your voltage dips are going to fry your amps or amp. is your box even secure?
Lol it even had your cloth top shakin.

I did noticed tho you had your engine running but the battery's power level was way low.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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