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My introduction

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hey im new here but not new to the site. i love reading all the forums they have always helped me with isssues with my mustang. I am a residence of tennessee and i own a 2001 ford mustang with a 5.0 engine swap which has been causing me issues lol. that is why i decided to join . i mean why not?? but it is a 2001 with a 302 5.0 with 4 barrel pro comp carb and rocker e 303 cams bored 30 over with tremec t5 transmisssion and 373 gears i believe. swapped from an 87.. i bought it with the engine so i am not taking credit for that. a buddy of mine new someone that builds mustangs and after my deployment i wanted to buy it so i did. dont let that fool you though i have previosuly owned a 94 v6 and an 87 5.0.
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Welcome to AFM!
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