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My mt-82 problems

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Hi guys, new on the forum.

Sorry if this is just some new mt-82 post hahah.

I have a 2015 with a roush supercharger. Stock shifter, spec carbon clutch.

Recently, when the car is cold and moving, going into both gears 2 and 4 I get some sort of click with some vibration. Not quite a grind, but definitely not the normal notchiness of my mt-82. When the car warms up, it seems to go away, except evey now and then on a high rpm pull going from 3-4. The car does not do this when stationary.

synchro problems? Something else?

thanks for your input!

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This isn't really my area of expertise but hopefully someone else sees this and posts to help you.
Do you feel the vibration only in the shifter or the whole car?
My guess is a shift linkage problem or maybe the synchros. I know the MT82 has multiple points of contention.
How many miles are on this car? If the trans fluid/oil hasn't been changed and it has high mileage then changing it might help. I know you have to be careful what you choose to put in it though. There have been past discussions on here about it.
I think there's a known output shaft issue with the MT82. Perhaps that's causing the vibration.
People often replace the shifters and the brackets with aftermarket ones.
The 1 to 4 synchros are better on later versions of the trans.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts