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My Mustang Is Overheating Colant Leak.

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Couple weeks ago i was at a drive thru with my Ford Mustang 2005/89kmiles and then when i pulled up the car started to over heat. The hood had steam/smoke coming out it smelled like coolant, atleast half the coolant had spilled into the ground i think it came out of the cap. I look here on the forums and found out that it was possibly the thermostat so replaced the entire housing top and bottom and got a new cap and getting new coolant.

I thought the car was ok now but a week later i guess not because now my car is overheating ocasionaly the car will start to overheat and i have to pull over and wait til it cools down. Ive had people tell me its the water pump and even the head gasket? what do you guys think? Also another issue am having to that may be linked is that when the car is not moving and the engine is not going the AC will stop blowing ice cold and will become warm which very annoying and when i rev the engine it will start to blow cold again.
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pressure test

Most parts stores rent them. Easy to do and the best way to start a diagnosis. The AC shuts down if the motor gets too hot. That part is normal...
It sounds to me that your serpentine belt might be slipping. I'd replace the belt, and possibly the tensioner and idler pulleys. They are inexpensive and easy to do all at once.

I'd also drain the coolant entirely and do a good flush on the system to clean the system completely. After 89k and 7 years a lot of crud can clog passages and coat the radiator with an insulating blanket of crud. There are many threads here where proper flushing techniques are discussed. I recommend the type that takes a few days of running followed by several clear water flushes.
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Is the electric fan spinning when not moving?
for the AC, it has to be running in order for it to run the AC compressor to get the cold air, or it just might need to be charged.

for the over heating you probably have either a bubble in there some where or you got a bad thermostat, it does happen. when you put the lower and upper housing, thermostat and thermostat element did you use new gaskets? Check the fluid lvls and if you wanna check the thermostat put it in a pot of boiling water and see if it opens
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that happened to me twice, the first time it was the thermostat housing breaking and altogether it was $140 to get everything replaced, and the second time it was a hose that had bust and i changed that myself but then a week after that my harmonic balancer or the crank pulley went bad so check all those things. i think i may have a slow leak now smh time to figure out whats wrong again
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