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My New Stripes on my V6

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Finally finally my stripes done...

view pictures at the link below...

They are vinyl stripes (done in PA)

I love turning the other '05 and '06 Mustang owners heads while I drive past ;-)
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Man! Those look sweet!:eyepoppin:eyepoppin:eyepoppin

Those are the exact stripes that I want but in white on my LL.:happyhapp
Very nice indeed!!!
Looks great!!! :eyepoppin
Really nice job, and different. I may have experimented (as you probably did) w/extending the strips down further in rear; perhaps blacking out the panel between t/lites would finish it off.
Looks sweet. I also did the same style stripe when I first got my 05.
I did it all myself....took me 16 hours to get it done, it I got it right.

Here are a few shots

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Self - nice job looks great ! :eyepoppin . Ohyes05 ! your car also looks nice like that you went with the sold stripe :thumbsup

Super 40 flowMASTER single
3.73 gears
SCTXCAL 2 just got it !
Wheels back stock

Zex is next :happyhapp !
thanks all.

i don't like the black around the chrome badge on the back, every picture i saw of that didn't look right to me. i have thought about the black inbetween the lights, but i don't know about that. i think it kinda takes away from that badge.
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