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My ride is here!! Black GT

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Got a call from my rep around 4:30

Coming off the truck. Got there within 1/2 hour.

He was with a customer and threw me the keys and dealer plates and said drive it as much as you want

Took lots of pic's (coming later as I can't get my new Kodak camara to sync to Vista properely)

Had 8 Km on it. Put another 30KM on it. Was not cleaned etc. Plastic crap all over the place. Filthy. Did not care. Did not know how to work half the stuff. Had no gas so put 20 bucks in it.

Figured out to set the Nav for where I was and the touch screen A/C. Was very hot outside

Wow what a car. Took it easy. Blew one guy away when he came out of gas station right in front of me. Looked in the mirror and the convex one, no blind spot, and popped into 3rd and blew by him.

Only commets is that this is not like a old Windsor 5.0. Low end torque. Gotta wind this one up.

Ordered 4/23|built 5/18|delivered to dealer 6/21.
Canadian Order-Just outside Toronto
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congrats man! enjoy your ride!
congrats man, can't wait to see Pics!!!
Wow!! Sounds great Stevmack!

I've been noticing that the factory "partial gas fill" is extremely paltry these days.

I have the V6 and it is pretty sedate UNTIL you punch it! I love leaving those buzzing Hondas in a cloud of dust. These Coyote engines are very interesting. They are definitely tuned for gas mileage, but are amazing when opened up. Ford did an excellent job balancing this.
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gotta wind it up huh??? sounds like a blast... winding it up is how i like it!
Thank god the car is telling me when i'm getting low on gas, and even showing me where the gas stations are. Maybe it will remind me to call my sister on her birthday, too!
Congrats, got to drive mine today, pick her up tomorrow!!!!! Ronn
Congrats!!! I watched mine come off the truck on Monday. I started it, didn't drive it. They are putting on the showroom floor until Friday (I turn 50 on Friday). I haven't seen it without all the packaging tape. I'll go over today and check it out tho. It's the first and only one the dealer has, so they asked if they could put it on the floor until Friday. They waited for me to get there before they drove it off the truck, they are the best dealer I've ever worked with. If they have questions about the new stangs, they ask me. ENJOY!!!
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