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MyColor and White Faced Gauges

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I've always liked the look of the white faced gauges. Has anyone tried this install with the MyColor option? If so, how did it look/work for you? Pics would be great!

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I've been seriously considering the white faced gauges from UPR . The last time I emailed them about the difficulty of installation and the functioning of the MyColor, they replied that they hadn't installed them on thier Mustang yet, so didn't know the answers to my questions. :doh: In my experiance with the wfg setup in my Sport Trac, the design of the lettering allows the instrument lighting to show through. I would hope this is the case with the above setup. I mean, what good would they be if the things couldn't light up at night! :happyhapp Maybe it's time to email them again. :wavey
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