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MyColor project

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I love the MyColor feature! I play with that thing like a kid with a new toy. However, I find myself usually opting for the Green preprogramed color setting because it matches all the other buttons in the car.

So I was thinking, how cool would it be to have all the interior illuminated buttons be the same color as the main dash? If you select blue, all the lights turn blue, etc. This is a project that I will not undertake for some time, but after the "newness" of the car settles in, say 25-30 years ;), I am going to give it a shot if it is logistically possible.

The way most lighted consoles work, each cluster's (radio, a/c, etc) buttons are illuminated by means of a single LED's light being transmitted through some clear plastic. So I was thinking, what if I ran optical fiber from the MyColor light source, through the dash, to the point where the LED illuminates each cluster? Then the LEDs can be removed, and theoretically the buttons should then be the same color as the transmitted MyColor light. There are several technical questions here. One, how big of a nerd would I have to be to do all this work just to have everything color-coordinate? Don't answer that, it's rhetorical. Two, I would need knowledge of how to disassemble the various interior components and where their LEDs are located. Three, I would need knowledge of exactly HOW the MyColor colors are created (like, three seperate LEDs, one for red, blue, green, etc.) and knowledge of how to access that system too.

I guess what I'm asking is, does anyone have technical diagrams or instructions on how to access the guts of just about everything in the interior of the car? I was impressed, and a little discouraged, by just how many controls are illuminated. I think just about everything other than the side mirror adjust knob is illuminated (window controls, turn signal, cruise control, etc)
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Doc, I think I saw a schematic or blowup diagram of the IUP once - but it was back when the lawsuit was active and I haven't seen it for many months. Let me do some searching to see if I can help you out.

What would you do for the radio lights? Get a new head unit that allows you to change colors? Many do that now, I believe.
multi color LED systems

The mycolor system is rather straightforward. It uses the mixing of the three primary colors to create the mix of colors you see. In order for you to have the same option on the other light displays would require some pretty complex reflection systems in some areas and make lighting of the Air Conditioning nobs...well...darn near an engineering marvel. Good luck to you...there are plenty of sites on the net which discuss the theory...your ability to achive the practical would depend on your funds, ability to fabricate and the time to do so.
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