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Mystery Electrical hoodad?

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While in the process of rewiring my 66' the spade connecter off of an electrical component broke off. This component doesn't seem to show up in any of my wiring diagrams though. It looks similar to the constant voltage device that is on the guage board, but it is longer and is mounted on the steering brace just behind the wiper motor towards the passenger side. It has 1/4 inch spade connections like the constant voltage regulater does. I need to replace this piece now but don't know it's function. Any help greatly appreciated!
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Hello. :) It sounds like you are describing the circuit breaker for the keyed power feed for the foglight switch. It's normally mounted on the passenger side of the big bracket that the pedals are hanging off of, and isn't in any of the more common wiring diagrams. :)
I'll post a pic after work to verify. Thanks
It sound more like a seat belt relay. Most circuit breakers have a screw post.
Does this relay usually mount on the brace? My fog light CB is a post style termination like you said. I do have a seat belt light on the dash. I'll still post a pic when I get home thanks for the tip.
It sound more like a seat belt relay. Most circuit breakers have a screw post.
I concur
Yes it mounts with the C.B. on the metal plate

see this one

67 1968 1969 70 Mustang Cougar SEAT BELT WARNING RELAY:eBay Motors (item 370169330450 end time Jun-04-09 20:45:11 PDT)
That's the Hoodad!! Anyone know where to get a new one?
I thought you already have one.

which spade is alleged to be broken off ?
got a pic of yours ?

This one ends tomorrow on ebay

Item# 130308102528

here is another source

Ford ,Mercury And Mustang Parts No
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