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N E One Else a Year Owner Yet??

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Just out of curiousity, wanted to see who else may have had theirs a year yet. I purchased mine on 12-16-2004. I currently have a little over 20k on her and still runs great. I drive her weather let downs, I am in Florida. Mad that the 06 has 18" rims, but in the process of working on that. I have done no mods other than sequential taillights and added the stainless steel bezels around the taillights. I am currently in the process of adding mods to her if all goes to plan. Just some simple mods tho, don't want to over do it when will have my Stang for many more years to come, don't want to run out of things to do!!! Thanks!:)
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Got mine 12-22-04 couldn't be any happier :laughlitt 2 more Days ....:dunce:
11/19/04 - 38000 miles
No problems yet except for some VERY annoying rattles that developed after 35000 miles.
Picked up my Screaming Yellow GT with auto on 12/18/05. I have done to many mods to list right now. I have made 12, 1/4 mile runs and have had no major issues with the car. I cant wait for the 500 to come out later next year being I plan on buying one and giving the wife the 05.
roughnk05 said:
Got mine 12-22-04 couldn't be any happier :laughlitt 2 more Days ....:dunce:
I'm also a 12-22-04 owner. Got a whopping 5,300 miles logged - plan to keep this car forever. Even sold my 68 Mustang after I had the 05 a few months because I consider the 05 the best of both worlds. Done a few mods
and hopefully any day now will be getting my 06 Pony Grille/Fog Lights kit.
got mine 12-21-04, a year ago yesterday. bought it for my birthday. no issues at all. 15.5k.
actually a year & two months - picked up on 10/20/04....been smiling ever since - 16K miles. :winks
Got mine January 8th, 2005. I am coming up on my anniversary! Only have 3500 miles on her and love it! What an amazing car. I still smile everytime I go outside and see it.
11/18/04 with 7700 miles. No complaints.
:gringreen Nice to see others out there that are as satisfied as I am after a year. It is amazing how many people still stop me and want to talk and the heads it still turns. I could not be any happier with Bonnie....I have also managed to scoot by the man this whole time (knock on wood) been close a few times, but got by. The only major prob I had with her was back in January I had to have the struts, shocks, and springs replaced bc of a "clunking " noise from the front. The only gripe I have now is that my dashboard rattles when on bumpy roads. It is starting to drive me crazy. Well, congrats to all of you who are one year owners!!! :eyepoppin :winks :heha: :clap :D
Purchased mine 12-20-04. 9,800 miles later things are just as good as the first day. I split my mustang driving time between my 67 and my 05. What a difference 38 years makes!
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