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Hi all,

I recently bought a narrowed 9" housing that was used in a drag car. Outside flange to flange measures 48-3/4". The stock 8" I removed measures approx 52" in the same locations.

Currently, the housing is set-up for 4-link with coil-overs. I will be changing this to a 4 bar bushed street set-up with coil-overs, so I can keep my rear seat.

The question I have is:
Do I need to narrow the rear frame at all?

I have to replace the wheel housings anyway, so I will mini-tub as required.

I know I can get wheels with different back-spacing. However, I'm just looking at what is the best option at this point.

FYI........Project status:
I have already replaced the entire front 'clip' including new frame rails, floor supports, floors, kick panels, rocker panels (inner and outer) lower cowl, and installed front torque boxes. :happyhapp
I am in the process of installing the rear torque box replacements. So, if I need to narrow the rear frame, now would be the time to do it.:scratchchin
Also, I just received my new front lower suspension parts..... I went with CPP mini-sub-frame and lower arms...NICE quality stuff!:bigthumbsup
Additionally, I am not concerned in the least of my car being original at all.

Thanks for reading my long-winded thread. Any help is appreciated.
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