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NBC prime time news segment "Mustang" featured..

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Tuesday night ( 8/2/05) nightly NBC network news had a great segment on the "NEW" Mustang design. I saw it but I had been kicking back waiting for someone else to post it because I forgot details. But here goes...

A designer was interviewed that was a Vietnam 4 year old boy the first time he saw a Ford Mustang. Remember when the Military took the two 1970 "Lawman" Mustangs on tour, they had 1200 horsepower("they said" actually 780HP) and he saw one. I believe his sir name was "Lu". He grew up to be a designer of our fine '05 Stang. He had plenty to say about being inspired by the car in his young years and his love and dedication was shown in this segment. He said that the front end was purposely designed to look like Steve McQueen himself as seen in the movies poster from "Bullitt". They had the poster up in their design studio and he looked down on them every day. It was a great segment. He said that of every two sports cars sold in America right now, one is a Mustang! Anyone else see this?
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I didn't see it, but heard about it from my mom-in-law...exactly as you described. A great tribute kind of story to how freaking great this country (and this car) is.

She got her first ride in Dixi last night (on her 71st birthday) and loved it...we smoked a Malibu out on 270...which is sorta like Michael Jordan dunking on Herve Villechaize, I guess, but it was still tight...
Here's a link to the story on MSNBC's site:

There's also a video there, but I'm not sure what exactly it is. It only works on Windows, and I'm a Mac user, so I can't watch it.

enjoy :)

Wow, the man responsible for the best Mustang yet....

Thanks for the info!
The video is quick and simple, but shows that the American spirit is still alive.

This story was on NPR about two months's a little blurb about Hau Thai-Tang, Ford's director of Advanced Product Creation and Special Vehicle Team.

Only in America will you find an immigrant success story like this!
I happened to catch it myself. Great piece. BTW- Hau Thai-Tang is the one that replaced John Colletti as the head of SVT. And now you know .... the rest of the story.
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