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Hello there Mustang owners! I have come here today because I am thinking about purchasing a 2002 Mustang GT. I know forums are the best place to find real advice so I decided to ask your opinion about it. I have the ad and the main reason I am asking for everyone’s help is because the car has been modified a good amount and wanted to know what to look for when going to see the car in person. I am just wanting to ask you guys what you think about the price and the modifications. I know the car KBB’s for well below the price he is asking, but what do you guys think about the modification and what they add to the value/price. I am new to this forum and do not own a Ford, but I would love some advice on not only owning a mustang, but it would really be awesome to get some advice on some questions to run by the owner to see if the car has been abused or raced. I assume by default is has been because of the MODS listed, but any input from you guys would be great! Look forward to hearing from you all! (PS the car is very clean looking in the pictures and appears to be a very well done clone)
Thanks, John

Here is the ad:


Hey, I'm selling my 2002 mustang gt. The car is very clean and very reliable. My price is negotiable just do not lowball. The car runs great and is a lot of fun to drive! The car is a terminator cobra clone! The car is also a low mile car for it's age! It only has 68032 right now! The modifications are as follows:
2004 cobra oem front bumper
2004 cobra oem rear bumper
2004 cobra rear spoiler
Oem black housing headlights
2004 cobra oem hood
2004 oem cobra 17" wheels
315 nitto 555r drag radials

2004 grey suede and black leather seats-front and back!
White faced guages
3 pillar pod
Glow shift oil temp guage
Glow shift boost guage
Glow shift air fuel guage
Led shift light
Jvc touch screen CD player with aux and iPod connect

Procharger p1sc not on the car
Upgraded 3 core intercooler
Bbk long tube headers
H pipe
Slp loud mouth 2 exhaust all stainless steel piping
Bbk 78mm ported throttle body
Spec stage 2 clutch
Stage 2 comp cams
Ported heads
60 lbs injectors
Upgraded fuel lines
Upgraded fuel pump
Built tremec t5
Built rear end
4.10 gear ratio
Bbk short throw
Ford racing drilled and slotted rotors

I know I'm missing something's, but if your interested feel free to shoot me an offer, Like I said price is negotiable but do not low ball me the car stock without any mods blue books for 10,000 so with that said I think the price is fair! only thing wrong is the third gear synchro is going out but is still driveable, the whole synchro kit is only 169.99!

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Its a clone not worth 12000 even with all mods if you want to spend that much money you can get an old school Mustang with 5.0 rebuild motor and trans that's not a clone for way less then 12000 and you don't want the 4.6 yes its a v8 but nothing like the 5.0 just my thoughts

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Welcome to AFM!!

I too am not so sure that the mods are worth enough to bump the price up to $12K.

After all, no matter how you slice it, in just a few short months it will be an 11 year old car (model year wise), and its really just a clone, not the real thing.

It does sound like a sweet car though :bigthumbsup

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Welcome to the forum. Maurice
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