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Need advice on rebuild, lots of options!

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I need advice on my powertrain rebuild of my 71 Mach 1. I have lots of options on how I want to rebuild this thing and I want some advice on what the best route would be. Here is what I have:

351C CJ block, which I can't use because it's cracked but I've got the cam
351C "regular" block, not sure what the proper term is.

2V 351C heads.

Everything is stock, expect Edelbrock intake, Headman headers, 3inch flowmaster exhaust and a 570 4 barrel carb.

I want the car for just driving around the city and on the highway, I don't necessarily want to race with it. However I do want a cam to give my car a very distinct sound, I want people to hear me when I really step on the gas.

Some things I need the advice on:
1) Should I just rebuild the 351C and leave it the way it is, completely stock?
2) Should I use the cam from the CJ, is it any different then the cam on a regular 351C 2V?
3) Should I invest in a cam that will work with all stock head components?
4) Should I go all-out and buy a roller cam, roller rocker arms, new springs and timing chain etc?
5) Or please suggest something else

Like I said I am not using it for racing, I generally just want the car to be very distinct. So money is not a factor but I don't want to over invest in the engine when I am not going to be using it to it's full potential ever.
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I'm a lot more familiar with the Windsor blocks so I suggest that you get a book on rebuilding a Cleveland block for parts interchangeability. I expect that the difference between the CJ (Cobra Jet?) and the standard block are better bolting of the bearing caps and a better oil system, both to increase durability under the higher horsepower produced.
always always buy a new cam. do some research at comp to find a cam that is curved between 1500 and 5500 or so. should be able to find one like that with good lope and drivability. if you are going to do the engine, do it right. new timing chain oil pump water pump and bearings are atleast a must if you want it to be worth a damn after all the work. if you do a head job make sure to put hardened seats in it. i personally would recommend a head job as well. at this point you might as well spend the extra bit and have all the machine work done and new pistons and rings ect. seems like a lot but if what you have burns oil or has uneven compression readings from the cylinders this is worth every penny. you will thank yourself for the reliable long lasting build. lastly roller equipment isnt cheap but it will greatly extend the life of the valvetrain componants.
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