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Need advice on trans

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Alright guys i really have no idea how this site works, i hardly use it lol. but im in a bit of a slump now. My car has been upgraded a **** load since my last post. my cars making a ton of power and im sick of having this automatic transmission.... I literally have NOTHING stock besides the exterior of the car.. DO i go through the trouble in putting everything in a mustang with a 6SPD? or do i go through the trouble of putting a 6SPD Transmission set up in my car? I know it'd be a ***** to swap an auto to a manual too.... :kooky:
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If your car is as modded as you say it is, then it's probably easier to do the trans swap. Trans, bellhousing, pedal and related items, reprogram the pcm and call it good.
yeah i was thinking that too.. Im pretty sure the brackets for the clutch are already installed next to the brake pedal.. I think
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