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need advice. Roush air intake

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I have a roush air intake on my 2008 v6 mustang. i was told by a dealer that i need to clean out my filter and that they had a kit i could buy at another dealership. i havnt been able to get a hold of them or make a trip over there and was wondering if any one knows a place on line to get this kit? it has the oil and all that in it suposedly.
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All Roush Intakes ran the Airaid Filters on them. Take a look at the kit below, it is what you will need.

Airaid Filter Tune-up Kit w/ Aerosol Oil (Red) - Click Here
You can look online, but you could also try running to a local autozone/auto parts store...they may have the kits. I know my local AZ sells them. Around $8-$9 if I remember correctly. :bigthumbsup
Its the same stuff as the K&N cleaner, you can buy a whole kit but I can't remember off hand for how much.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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