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Need Big brained people for Big issue... (wiring)

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ok guys as you know ive been having my fair share of problems with my 2.3T (85 SVO motor) in my 1992 mustang LX.

here is whats going on.

I started the car and it was running like crap as usual. sputtering, rough idle, wouldnt wont rev above 3000 RPM. almost like it stalls out at 3000.

Well it ran for about 20 minutes as i worked with it then it quit. no spark. I went to investigate and my ballast resistor on my coil was glowing hot. (the coil inside). bad resistor?

also i have a 255LH fuel pump. when i turn the ignition switch it does nothing and i feel the short is within the cabin of the car. can i just run a switch from the battery to the fuel pump with an inline fuse?

does the pump recieve 12V ALL the time or only when priming?

Any advice will be acted upon.

Thank you
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