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Need early 1965 Mustang Coupe Chassis/Body alignment specifications.

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I'm going to weld the cowl, floor pans, front sub frames, and radiator with radiator support back on and it all measures within spec... however, I need measurements from the aprons were the fenders bolt up to. If anyone knows anything about the cross measurements please let me know... I have a 3/4" difference in cross measuring and I don't think that's right. If anyone needs more details please let me know I appreciate everyone's help in advance!
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The factory service manual has the measurements for the chassis/body in the "General Body Service" section. Reprints of the manuals are available for your model year in print or CD format from most Mustang resto part vendors. They're not real expensive, but well worth their cost.
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The Greek
is right on. :bigthumbsup With the kind of work you're doing, a shop manual is a must. Here's a pic of the underbody dimensions that may help you.

Take a nice Sunday drive out to National Parts Depot (NPD) in Ventura. They have the manual in hard copy and CD.

National Parts Depot
1376 Walter Street #1
Ventura, CA. 93003

(805) 654-0468

NPDLink | National Parts Depot


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Thanks The Greek and 65 Fix up!!! I do happen to have the service manual and all of the assembly books. They only go over chassis alignment and not the top part of the aprons that hold the fenders on. My chassis seems to be in good shape and when I placed the hood and fenders on to check for fitment they all align well but I was wondering if my 3/4" difference in cross measurements will come back to bite me in the @$$ later on. I plan on doing some serious welding soon and I just want to make sure.

Thanks for your help!
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