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Need early 1965 Mustang Coupe Chassis/Body alignment specifications.

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I'm going to weld the cowl, floor pans, front sub frames, and radiator with radiator support back on and it all measures within spec... however, I need measurements from the aprons were the fenders bolt up to. If anyone knows anything about the cross measurements please let me know... I have a 3/4" difference in cross measuring and I don't think that's right. If anyone needs more details please let me know I appreciate everyone's help in advance!
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The Greek
is right on. :bigthumbsup With the kind of work you're doing, a shop manual is a must. Here's a pic of the underbody dimensions that may help you.

Take a nice Sunday drive out to National Parts Depot (NPD) in Ventura. They have the manual in hard copy and CD.

National Parts Depot
1376 Walter Street #1
Ventura, CA. 93003

(805) 654-0468

NPDLink | National Parts Depot


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