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Need help! 66' Ignition cylinder

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Im having a problem getting the ignition bezel to go into the spring loaded cylinder on the other side, you have to push in and turn but there seems like there is no way to do this. Is there a tool for this, or a tip you could give me? They only say 67-68 for the ignition bezel tool, but would these work? THANKS!!:bigthumbsup
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i had the same problems, i went through three of them before getting it right. As far as i know there isnt a special tool for doing it, I sanded down the small protrusions that slide in the slots on the chrome part a little bit and put some petroleum jelly on it. good luck
Yeah man it reallyyy sucks, im gunna need your luck, thanks lol:shrug
When I replaced my ignition switch I removed the instrument cluster. Made working with it much easier and you can see the whole thing :bigthumbsup.
Hunter, I'm not sure if this helps in what you are trying to do, but it helped me out. Check out this article from Mustang monthly if you haven't solved your problem yet.http://
Alright guys so i replaced it all right, even have a new key? Well i guess i learned it was the starter itself getting stuck, when i had to get towed to my local mechanic cause it wouldnt stop till it fried. I didnt have the tools with me to disconnect the battery. It was going to be replaced anyways, i just fried it all the way tho ha. Oh well, the ignition needed to be changed sometime too, one less thing to worry about, thanks!
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To bad about the starter. You might consider installing a quality battery shutoff too. Wherever you install it, it will be quicker to turn a plastic key to "off", than to find the right tool and then try and wrestle the cable connector off, especially if you have the beginnings of smoke or a fire about to happen. Good luck.
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A battery shutoff switch sounds amazing really lol, I will definetly look into it when I get it back from the shop. I got lucky and didnt get any smoke or anything, i actually think my solenoid might have went just in time or something. If it would have caught on fire, there would have been nothing i could have done! Im going to put an extingusher in there just in case as well, thanks
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