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Need Help First Time to Drag Strip

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Hope someone here can help with Peak Power ranges for a stock 2006 4.6 with 5 speed. I am taking it to the strip next week for a test and tune. Want to see how slow it is. I know that getting of the line will be a problem with street tires. Not sure what rpm to shift at. I was thinking 5200 for second and 5000 for third. Any help will be appreciated.
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3,000-3500 for launch, slip the clutch a little and then shift at 6,000, keep it up in the rpm range for the next gear.
Am I in danger of hitting the rev limiter going all the way to 6000
The rev limiter should be set at 6250 from the factory. Just practice you will be able to tell when your close by the sound after awhile. Hitting the rev limiter won't hurt anything, it's there to stop you from hurting things. If you shift around 5k you will not get the most out of the motor, it drops down in the power band on the next gear.
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Here's a little info for you!!!
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Peak horse power, 300hp at rpm 5750. So anything over that RPM your lossing hp. And yes the rev. limiter is set at 6250rpm
I would think that the loss of h.p. for the extra rpms would be minimal compared to the gains of the rpms in the next gear. They would keep you closer to the power band. Just my thoughts, could be wrong.
Post your times, I'm interested to see what a vert does in the 1/4.
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