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Need Help identifying 1967 Mustang Hood piece

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Today, while doing some cleaning/maintenance, I touched the hood-
release with the hood in the "UP" position - to my surprise, something
BEHIND the hood release mecanism moved!! Uttt-Ohhhh , was it a
MOUSE? I got a drop-light and looked BEHIND the mecanism, and it
appeared to be a flat piece of rubber, JUST FLOATING AROUND, behind the hood release. I took the hood release OFF, and fished out the courious piece. It sort-of looks like a hood-seal but I have NO
CLUE where or how it would be positioned. It DOES have some of the
Frost Torquoise Paint on it - But has me baffled ( may be itis one )
( a baffle that is ).
Can anyone help me get this piece back to where it belongs in the
engine compartment? Does anyone know of a diagram where I might
look to see HOW to position this piece???
see three photos Below
Thank you for ANY help. - Joe
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I don't have one but it looks like a piece of an entire hood seal strip for big blocks. I saw one installed as it just slides over the lip of metal in front of the radiator and the pointed edge touches the underside of the hood to keep air from bypassing the radiator.
Maybe it had a full one and it got sliced up and caught in the latch?
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