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need help (intake & head fitting problem)

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I am at the end my build of my motor. I have bolted on a set of brand new gt40p heads on my 302 roller block. The problem I am having is, the eldlbrock performer rpm intake is not fitting. Has anyone had this problem before. The machine shop has it now and currently milling the intake at a 45' angle. Any input is greatly needed.
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That's a new one to me, was any of the parts previously used?
did you buy the intake used? a friend had a problem once however he bought used gt-40 heads that were milled to much(and not told)
That's what I'm thinking, if either of them have been milled down then it'd change the angle beween the heads and intake.
The heads are new and have not seen a breath of gasoline. The intake is used. This is crazy because i have asked several people and they are clueless. I called edlebrock and they told me to have the machine shop mill them at a '45 degree angle.My machine shop guy has them done but will be a tight fit.Dont know what else I can do.The block is used but is in great shape.
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one more question, has anyone had this combo. Edlebrock RPM intake with GT40P heads? The part number on the intake is EDL3820
not fitting, HOW? bolt holes won't line up, ports, ends,....:headscratch:
not the bolt holes, just the sides of the intake are to big.Doesnt sit down flush.
are you trying to use the end gaskets? the ones at each end of the vally.
yes, havent put them, on yet. I talked to the machine shop today. 7 hours total in machine work and it fits barely. He thinks the heads where milled, but we both thought they where bran new.Its gonna work. I will post then end result when finished. Cant wait.

What kind of horsepower am I looking at.
edlebrock performer rpm intake
1.6 rocker arms
E-303 cam
bored .30 over
Gt40P cylinder heads
9.5-1 compression
cold air
smog delete
ac delete
springs upgraded

Everthing else is stock-mass air, 19lb injectors stock throttle body.

I also added 3.73 gears and a tremec 3550.

Any pointers? Just a poor boy with a little extra money
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is the shop going to cc the heads? sounds like you may now have more then 9.5 to 1 compression
We are now finding out that the gt40p heads are 60cc heads and thats prob going to be in the range of 10-1.
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