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Need help picking a cool shift knob!

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I just ordered my Steeda Tri-Ax off ebay yesterday ( God bless ebay - brand new shifter for $125 after shipping) and I want to order a custom shift knob to really "top it off". I like the looks of the two knobs below, but any input on what looks sharp would be appreciated. I have a silver GT with silver leather and interior. Thanks in advance.
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well sliver on sliver, to much would drive me crazy but thats just me, id go with the nice looking black. tbh i might order that my self my leather one is getin to the point of replacement
Siliver on silver may not look bad. I have the metal upr one that says 4.6 on it.
i still say black would look much nicer, and would stand out so it gets ur eye ^^

Mustang, 94-04, Jack Roush Shifter with Boot and knob.
Price: $223.70
Of all the knobs and handles I have used over the years this kit is by far the best I have used with my TriAx. :worship Jack Roush personaly designed this arm and knob for the Mustang, he is vary particular when it comes to shifters. The boot is required because the handle will not fit through the stock boot hole.
Part #SM02-5K025-JRA
way too expensive for just the shift arm and knob. I need something practical and nice.
All Jack's pieces can be purchased separately. Roush is a "Lifestyle" :smoke: and it is overpriced, but I love my shifter. Jack sells other knobs as well. UPR also has lots of knobs. Things to think about - Weight, for fast shifts, and Size are factors, my bigger than average hand needs a bigger knob to grab.

I have the MGW shifter and got one of their knobs -- -- I have the one with the horse.
$60 isn't cheap but it's feels great in your hand and should fit any standard thread shifter. The big benefit of it not being metal is that it doesn't burn your hand off in the summer -- with that Steeda knob, you might end up with the logo tattooed onto your palm some hot summer afternoon.
Look at the shifter in the video, on the GT-40 on Shiny silver/aluminum/chrome. There is a sherical shift knob for the mustang, on Ford's .pdf file listing all their high performance parts. It is somewhere on the Ford website.
That video of the Ford GT gives me chills.

Hope you have broadband though.

i got the cobra style one for 10 bucks more when i got my shifter.

189.99 for steeda tri ax and the knob.

i really like it, have had a couple of people ask me where i got it from
Everything I have heard is that the perfectly round knobs are the most comfortable and make you feel the most connected to your transmission. has a photo of what I have for mine. All I can hope is that the threads are compatible with Ford's shifter. The one on my truck was *splined*!!! It came off in your hand occasionally, leaving you in neutral and trying to get your knob hammered back in place, right side up, at speed. Unbelieveably annoying. I certainly hope Ford learned their lesson since then. I replaced it with a cast aluminum Hurst knob, threaded the shifter stick and screwed that baby on there. My brother solved his the same way, on his Bronco.

My shift knob looks like the spherical one, that has flutes machined out of it. If you go to there is a photo of a black anodized, finned knob, that if you want to go that route and it isn't shiny enough, you can mail it to me and I will chemically polish it and reanodize it any color you want. Shiny silver, even. Purple? Cobalt blue? Fiery red? Blood red? Gold? (gag) Pink? We offer two different colors of pink, that are referred to as Barbie Mattel (sort of a pale pink, like a poodle's dog tag) and Hooker Barbie. Hooker Barbie is very popular ;) Dark, vivid pink. Also, new this year bright Orange. Suitable for warning labels and whatnot. *Very* bright orange.

ibeeskeef said:
way too expensive for just the shift arm and knob. I need something practical and nice.
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