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need help with a throw-out bearing sound.

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Hi, im new to this forum, so hopefully I can get some good ideas on how to fix my issue. Ok my car had that common mustang problem "throwout bearing sound". Me and my brother replaced the whole thing, throw out bearing, and pilot bearing. I had a fairly new clutch so I saved that money I guess. The problem is that like 2 days later, that little sound comes back again, but it completly dissapears after resting my foot on the clutch. Ive done some research on other forums, and some say that when you get that noise specially with a new throwout, it doesn't neccesarely mean you have a bad throwout, so I though about just buying a new "Steeda 3pc Clutch Cable Adjuster Kit. and hopefully that will fix the issue since all I would need to do is just adjust the clutch a little tighter. Do you guys think that buying that kit might fix my issue?Dropping that tranny again, just for another throwout bearing wouldn't be so funny. Thanx guys for any tips on this thread..
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There should be slight pressure on the throughout bearing at all times. I don't know if you can manually adjust the cable length as it sits now. If so, tighten till just past touching the throughout bearing. If not, pull the clutch pedal up with your toe. There is a ratcheting mechanism that will take out cable slack.
Thanks BrandKoe, I think I've heard about that, Ill give it a try. If not succesfull, would the steeda kit take care of the problem??
as the steeda kit is a GREAT piece and i highly reccommend u get it anyway....HOWEVER it will NOT fix ur issue:nono: the case u are describing *which i have had about 3 times i tried changing clutch throwout bearing tried the steeda clutch cable kit the whole 9 yards* it is a CLASSIC bad pilot bearing issue... and i know u put a new one in, but that doesnt mean that there was enough grease in it or bad right out of the box. also, if u beat on the car with a brand new pilot bearing and didnt give it a chance to break in, that would ALSO cause it to fail and start squeaking... SO there is a driveline guru on this site will tell you the same thing, TRUST ME he is the one that told me...i fixed my issue with a new pilot bearing and being nice to it for about 1k miles til it had a chance to grease right up and work right...
As for Brandkoe's answer, im sorry, but that is WRONG, the throw out bearing is NOT supposed to be pressed against the pressure plate at all times!:nono:
The throw out bearing should be about 1/16" OFF the pressure plate so it DOES NOT spin ALL the time causing it to burn up TWICE as fast and it would also keep it from squeaking cuz clearly, its not spinning right??:scratchchin

i hate to tell u that ya gotta tear the car apart again and u shoulda joined this forum sooner... we prolly coulda helped u out the first round :so

i know it dont HELP but at least u have accurate info and if u want me to go into greater detail as to how it all works i can, just ask:bigthumbsup
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.... SO there is a driveline guru on this site will tell you the same thing, TRUST ME he is the one that told me...
Thanks 1994MustangGT50..... and yes you are 100% correct on your assesment. :bigthumbsup

If you get a bearing noise that goes away when depressing the clutch pedal only, it is classic bad pilot bearing.
With the clutch adjusted properly, the throw out is not touching the fingers on the pressure plate UNTIL you depress the clutch pedal. That means with the pedal all the way out the rest position, the throw out bearing is just sitting there, not spinning, not doing anything, just sitting still. If it's not moving, how can it be sqealing? :scratchchin

General rule of thumb is you need between 1/8" and 1/4" gap between the face of the throw out bearing and the fingers of the pressure plate when the pedal is all the way put at the rest position. IT SHOULD NOT RIDE ON THE FINGERS 100% OF THE TIME. If it does, you will experience premature bearing failure. The mechanical bearing is not designed to spin 100% of the time. Trust me (and 1994MustangGT50 :hihi:) on this one. Not only my experience but I have first hand knowledge on this as well. My personal cars' stock cbale setup is almost worn out. I have hardly any adjustment left. About 4 months ago we put in one of our Proto-Type T45RS's into my car. I replaced the throw out bearing at that time. When I went to set the adjustment, I couldn't as the cable was worn out. I had to leave it with the throowout bearing riding the fingers all the time. Fast forward to last Friday.... we pulled my proto-type T45RS to install yet another proto-type version of the T45 I like to call the T45RS "S". :D (read more about it in my thread I started earlier this week on here...) anyway, the new throwout bearing was squealing like a pig ALL THE TIME BECAUSE IT WAS CONSTANTLY TURNING WHEN THE ENGINE WAS RUNNING. It only took a month or 2 before the squealing started as they are not designed to turn all the time. When we installed the T45RS "S", I changed the bearing again. Luckily I work here and have access to lifts and everything and we have changing out my tranny down to a science. We can do the job in less than 3 hours start to finish. I still haven't replaced my cable setup (lack of $$$) so I will be pulling this one out again in a few months. Lucky again, we have an endless supply of T/O bearings for me to use. :hihi:

The pilot bearing on the other hand is moving all the time that the engine is running. When you depress the clutch, the inner half of the bearing slows down as does the input shaft, when this happens, a noisy bearing will usually stop making noise.:bigthumbsup

I have seen bad ones out of the box as well. Also, if is was not greased when installed, or installed incorrectly it would squeal almost instantly.

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Hey everybody, thank you so much for all the posts. I really appreciate all you guy's help. Exactly what I was fearing, "to drop that ugly, heavy tranny again. But I guess Ill do it, since I got no other choice, or just to live with that ugly sound that makes a car look horrible. Thank you guys..
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