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Need help with Electric water pump for 1992 Mustang LX 5.0

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I just recently purchased a Proform Electric Water pump for my '92 LX Hatchback. I was wondering if anyone has any experience installing one of these? I was confused as to weather or not it is compatible for street use? There doesn't seem to be anything included to connect the hose coming from the heater core and the thermostat bypass? Also is a new belt required or can you just re-route the current one? I have no A/C but have a delete kit with a pulley so I can still use the stock belt. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Not familiar with that actual pump but it sounds like a race pump if it doesn't have means for connecting the heater hoses. I don't know how it would hold up to use as a daily driver pump.

You will more than likely have to get a shorter belt. Unless it does have a way to connect to heater hoses say goodbye to heat! Lol.

At this point sounds like you would be better of getting a high volume water pump and if you still want it electric get the electric motor kit to spin it amd it won't rob of crank HP.
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Any particular reason you want to spend so much money and only gain 5HP at the wheels????

An electric water pump really isn't worth the money.
Blue92LX - did you get an answer to this ?

I was wondering if you got a solution to this? I am setting a302 race engine using the same proform water pump.
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