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Need help with mods

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If you have an extra 600 dollars to spend, what would you spend it on? I need some help with ideas. I cant decide if i should get springs and camber bolts, keep saving for gears, or just keep saving it towards F/I... i know, im fickeled. i want alot of things, but money doesnt permit me to do so. Help needed :0)
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I would do the gears, I think that would be my next mod. :wavey
+1... Gears would be your best bang for the buck.
If you have $600 you should have enough for gears now.
go for it rob! get the gears..... :naughty
Gears without question!
slam it! :shocked: :)
If you have a stick, get a MGW shifter.
Sounds like Gears is everyones pick. minus gphasaGT lol he wants it slammed..

Oh Becca, i have an auto, so that wont work.. if i had a stick, the shifter woulda been the first thing gone.

Im going to start looking around for prices for install.. and then ill go from there, i just duno how i can justify spending 600 on gears.. it sounds insane to me.. is it really that big of a dif from 3.31 to 3.73? ill feel the big diff that everyone seems to talk about?
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