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So I just got my 91 fox inspected and I got a list of things that have to be changed. I got a quote on most parts and was wondering if they were accurate. Also, I want to know which repairs should be done first! because I'll most likely do it in stages. I'm thinking the radiator support would be important to fix asap, because it's completely bent from an accident that the last owner completely failed to mention upon inspection/transaction.

Radiator Support ~160$ saw this listed on ebay.

2 universal joints - 30$ each

2 rear damper shocks - 70 for the pair (thinking of putting a pro-kit on, but we'll see)

valve cover gasket - 57~71$

Transmission output seal - 10~20 $

Power Steering Pump is leaking - I'm hoping a reseal will do.

2 Front Sway Bar links - 12-15 each

Timing Chain cover gasket - 10~15$

Gear shift housing gasket ??? Can't find a price for this.

My mechanic also said the suspension is too low, and I need 2 rear coil springs for ~70$ each. 'But that would make it stock suspension height and I like it how it is. I was wondering if it would be sufficient if I put 2 rear spring rubber insulators on instead.

Any idea how many hours a job like this would take?

I bought the car a week ago, and am gonna try and contact the guy to compensate for some of the repairs, because he was a mechanic and definitely knew all this. I'm also legally entitled to a refund within one month of purchase, so if I'm in too deep, I may get my money back, and buy a new Fox.

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Are you doing the repairs or wanting to pay someone to do them?

Te replace the timing cover gasket may be a bit pricy because it requires removal of the front accessories. You don't "need" too but that is also the time to replace the water pump with everything already off. To replace the timing cover gasket if the car as over 100k miles you would also want to replace the timing chain while in their ($60-80 for part). Removal of the timing chain cover also means you need a new front seal ($10 or so).

For the radiator support, it's seasily a few hundred bucks for someone to rip and replace as it has to be cut out and welded back in.

For the p/s steering pump, just buy a new one from Latemoderlrestoration or get a used one from Prestige Mustang. This is a DIY job and you can rent the pulley puller from the local parts store. Once you get the pulley off you only have three bolts to deal with plus the two hoses. Simple job and would not pay for someone to do it.

The only saving grace is a lot of the work overlaps because the radiator support, timing chain cover gasket, and power steering pump replacement can all be done at the same time.

The rear shocks are super easy and can be done in 30 minutes. Springs are not bad to replace if you have a jack and a couple stands. About $35-50 per shock is about right unless you go high end stuff which can be $100+ per shock.

The valve cover gaskets themselves are easy but you have to pull off the upper intake and then replace the intake gasket as well. About $45-60 for the gaskets (get the ones with metal in them)

Front sway bar links is SUPER easy DIY job. Around $20 and you just need a couple deep sockets and ratchets.

You joints are easy and price is correct. You can have this done when the tranny seal is replaced. Not sure what they'll charge you for output seal.

None of these by themselves is overly expensive but a shop is probably going to charge you $1500+ to do all of it (if not more) just for labor.

With these cars as you tear into them it's not uncommon to find other hidden things that require replacement.

As far as which to do first, anything that has a leak that effects function needs immediate attention. Personally I go after leaks first....

If you paid for the car in as-is condition with no warranty you could be on your own.
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