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need help with reprogramming computer

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ok well i have a 87 notchback, new everything, 93 cobra motor that has been gone over and balaced, crane lifters , i think a "b" cam, gt40 heads,trickflow track heat intake with spacer,36lbs fuel injectors, powerdyne 9 lbs supercharger,75 mm throttle body, mass air coversion, ok i think thats it. now that i have all this in does any1 where i can get the software/hardware to reprogram my computer or do i have to go to a shop to do it and if so were could i do that around milwaukee WI?
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i don't know of milwaukee......but if you have a few buck's, i would look at purchasing an afm pms......that way you can set your own parameter's....there really is nothing available to do what you are asking right off the internet......sorry man.....

hotwheels of
I have a cobra computer system that was sent out and flashed...The stock computer will only let you go up to a certain rpm and what not...the cobra computer does not limit your rpm's. I can get more info if you need.

Good luck,

well i do have a 89 computer in the car now. just asked my dad today if he now any1 and he said he knows a guy who drags stang and thinks he might be able to do it. so ill look futher into it. but where do people on the tv shows get the setup to burn the setting and save the old setting from a laptop? would like to find that out. and i dont really want to buy a pms because you can only do so much.

i will replay to this thread in a couple days to see what my dads friend can do for me and let you know if i could use the help

Im using a Tweecer R/T (datalogging version) and it is excellent. One program that is good for analyzing your recordings is EEC Analyzer. It is not free though $50 to register.

You can try out tweecer software without needing the hardware to see if it is too over your head or fits the bill.
Thee are a couple aftermarket tuning devices out there,
the Tweecer is one.

I looked into getting one of those and learning how to use it,
but have been informed, and have seen from reading the
sites and especially the tuning forums, that it's VERY learning
intensive. Not to mention over $400 worth of hardware.

I decided that, since I'm not going to be changing my setup
frequently and not needing to do a weekly tune for the track,
that I'd just go have a good dyno tune done. About the same
initial outlay, but if you get a good tuner that knows what he's
doing, you probly end up with a better/safer tune anyway.

I did a Google search for dyno tuners, Mustang dyno tuners
in my area, and also posted questions on several Stang boards.
Came up with one that was highly recommended, emailed him
with some questions, now am all set up to go get my tune.

I usually like to "do it myself" but I feel the time needed to learn
to use one of those things effectively is more than I care to
commit to.
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ok thx fellas that what i was looking for!!!
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