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Need Help with the mod mustang PLEASE

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im a newbee on mods Cars and i have a big prob ..
i bought the car 2 months ago .. guy lied to me bout the test..
he said i would fly just go for it.. test guy open the hood and closed it right away and referred to some guy in Redwood and bring about 250 and he can "FIX" my 84 .. no luck guy move to eastbay
i ask around old county road even norm at 76gas..nada
Can anyone point where to go?.. im around the peninsula (san mateo)
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I'm confused.:yelwacko:
need need to pass for a special sticker from dmv :winks
You need to pass inspection?
Your car failed an emssions test? or just inspection?

What did they tell you it needed to pass?
I am a little confused too.

What caused you to fail?
So, youre looking for someone to hook you up with an inspection sticker that will look the other way for a price? I think you will just have to keep looking locally unless someone here lives near you and knows a guy. So a guy sold you a modded car and said it would pass inspection no problem. The inspection guy opened the hood and saw right away that it was a no go? Is that it?
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What no one here speaks gibborish:kooky:
Cant pass cuz no smog pump no cat open air filter headers and intake and they saw the flux capacitor was loaded plutonium
and other stuff..:winks
well, I see you're In Cali.

I would start by getting some converters on there and getting and probably getting your smog hooked up.

You can probably find someone that still has their smog equipment laying around
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