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Need options/opinions on forged internals

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I am looking to get my block built up to handle the 550HP ford racing kit. I am wanting to start with the internals. So I am wondering what rotating assembly would be the best for this kit. Thanks in advance!
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I hear that the rods are the weakest link in our 3 valves.
MMR modular mustang racing. I am sure they could help you.
There are a number of good suppliers of forged cranks, rods and pistons out there. You may want to look at a short block, which has been properly prepped and has the forged internals, ARP fasteners....perhaps even a little more displacement if one were so inclined.....Kellog produces some fine cranks, Manley makes a good set of rods and Mahle some good pistons...and there are more out there.

We have many forum members with good info on this subject and no offense to anyone but Squidd is damned sharp on these things and economical FI systems as well. Also your supplier is critical, American Muscle is pretty top notch and could help with some answers...
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