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need pics of fastback rear seat

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Does anyone have any pics of the backside of the rear seat on a 68 fastback? My rear seatback is missing something that keeps it in the upright position. Its not a fold down seat. Thanks for any help
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wait you have a back seat that don't fold down ?
well what I mean is that it is not the muti section seat just standard.
I have looked can't find any good pictures why not take a picture of yours and one of us can tell you whats missing.
A fixed rear seat has two l brackets (one on each side) that attach into the side in the same location that a latch for the fold down would sit. What parts do you think you are missing?

The brackets on the seat back
The location to bolt into where the latch would be
I think I'm missing a bracket on the back seat. All there is, is a bracket that is fastened to the car and on the back of the seat are two hole in the metal of the seat back. The two holes are not threaded so it doesnt look like a bolt would go there.
I had that problem with a fastback I owned over 10 years ago. If I remember correctly, the problem was that the bracket had to be attached to the Seat Back FIRST!!. I think I had to dismantle the seat back so I could attch the bracket using a backing plate that I made to hold the bolts, then re-assemble the seat back and attach the bracket to the side panel where the fold down latch would be.
Hope I remembered this correctly, and I hope it helps.
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