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Need professional advise please!!!

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I have an 85 GT with a carburated 302 with a little work done to it. Its not to bad, it runs mid 13's 1/4mi. Its kinda slow, thats why I have these questions. Should I swap out my 351 clevend with the 302? The motor is from a Ford F-350 Van. Would I be able to use this motor in my mustang? Can I use the van computer, and maybe get it reprogramed? Would it bolt up to my T-5 I have on my 302? Do I need different mounts? Do I need different parts? What gear rear end should I get? Does anyone know of a fox body with a 351C? I've seen 351W, but not 351C. Sorry about all the questions, just rater get the word from someone who knows alittle bit more about mustangs then me. I just want to have a bad ass ride for the summer, eat some chevys whole! Thanks for any help.